RecoverySpaces is a multimedia system that puts the client at the centre of their recovery from addiction. RecoverySpaces helps clients progress through their journey to recovery whether that journey begins in a prison, a treatment centre, rehab, community based agency or at home.

RecoverySpaces enables the client to use the medium that they are most comfortable with, whether, video, audio, text or graphics to document and evidence their recovery journey. In a private, secure online space, clients are given the opportunity to learn safely.

Download RecoverySpaces presentation here

"This package is person-centered and adaptable to the needs of individuals, whether that be in relation to diversity or just unique journeys. It brings recovery to life. Whereas narratives of recovery inspire, this tool brings that to another dimension with its capability across various media, not just words. I wish this could be available to everyone on a recovery path; it's the difference between a black-and-white still photo and a full colour 3-dimensional film."

Caroline Cole Head of Development RAPt

"RecoverySpaces has the potential to revolutionise the treatment experience for both client and practitioner. Two of our most significant challenges are the need to improve client engagement and increase client retention and I can see how the simplicity of the video/audio/written options, and the ownership of the process that the software gives to the client and his/her recovery practitioner, could deliver significant improvements in these areas."

Chula Goonewardene - Group Facilitation & ETE Team Manager, North Westminster Drug and Alcohol service.