How it works

Many systems have been successful in automating the administrative side of service provision. However, clients themselves have yet to see measurable, significant benefits from the use of new technologies as part of their individual recovery.

RecoverySpaces is a securely encrypted digital space that contains a diary, a workbook, a library, a messaging system, documents and a calendar.

The well known and widely accepted therapeutic effects of journal keeping are made more accessible and powerful via the options of video, audio and the written word. Clients have the ability to employ whichever approach works best for them.

The workbook can be used to suit the therapeutic context of their recovery and the document section contains service specific work sheets and documentation.

Clients can communicate directly with their counsellor and note important meetings via the messaging and calendar pages.

The library contains customised digital information relating to the specifics of their journey. It includes films, share tapes, digital books and recovery meditations.

RecoverySpaces uses every medium available to help the client successfully progress through treatment.

The system allows them to take ownership of their recovery, creates closer more effective relationships with their counsellors and allows instant access to relevant and supportive information.

It’s motivational, prevents relapse and is a unique aftercare tool.